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Old Town Kayak 106 Minn Kota Inside Pocket Tool Holder

Old Town Kayak 106 Minn Kota Inside Pocket Tool Holder

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Inside pocket tool holders designed for the Old Town 106 Minn Kota motorized kayak. Since the MK does not have access to the front screw of the pocket divider due to the steering rail, these tool holders clip onto the pocket divider in the front. Designed to hold various sized tools. Comes with one split ring that can be used to attach tool leashes. These tool holder do not come with an embedded magnet like the version for outside the pocket.

While this version will work with any of the 120/106 models with side pocket dividers, there is a separate version for kayaks where both screws are accessible.

Tool Holders are 3D printed out of a rigid material that was chosen for strength, flexibility and temperature resistance.

Custom options available. Please contact us.

All other tools, lures, etc. in photos is not included.

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Installing the MK Inside Pocket Tool Holder

Start by removing the top side pocket screw that is accessible. Install the end of the tool holder with the screw hole first but leave the screw slightly loose so the tool holder can rotate. Install the clip as shown onto the tool holder and raise the tool holder so the clip is just above the rubber divider. Slightly spread the clip as you apply downward force on the clip to push it over the rubber divider. You will feel it snap into place and it will hold firmly. You can then tighten the screw until it is snug. Do not overtighten! Extra clips are provided in case one breaks during install or use.