Collection: Modular Kayak Tackle System

The Modular Kayak Tackle System is designed to allow you to mix and match trays and accessories to fit your fishing style and needs.  Easily adaptable and expandable to fit various situations. 

Initially this is released for the Old Town PDL fishing kayaks to mount onto the seat rail but other mounts will be available to allow the MKTS to mount to crossbars of seats and other applications as well.  

While the items shown below are the more common offerings, do not hesitate to reach out if you have an idea or need for something that isn't shown.  We have come up with several custom options for people and will add the to the lineup in time.

Modular Kayak Tackle System

Beef Outdoors does a great install and overview video

Check out Cole's video below

Introduction to the MKTS

Basic introduction to all of the parts available at product launch.

Example MKTS setup 

Another video just showing how I am using the modular system.  It's overkill but it's so nice to have everything even closer than the pocket tool holders.  As you can see, I'm not even using the pocket holders any more. 

Sizing and fitment of the MKTS 

Quick video going over the sizing and what will fit.  Each unit is 40mm or 1.57in.  If you have any questions about fitment, please reach out.