MKTS PDL Sizing Guide

Each Unit is 40mm or 1.57in wide. There is also a rough general rule that one Unit will take up the space of 1.5 holes on the PDL seat rail.

When mounting in Front of where the seat attaches to the rail and you have a 120/106PDL, you can overhang a little but it's advised to not overhang by more than one Unit. If you have a Salty or 132 you'll need to verify the exact amount of space you have.

When mounting Behind where the seat attaches to the rail, you can follow this guide but it is recommended that you measure the available space just to be sure you have enough room.

If you have questions on what will fit with your available rail space, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Salty and Bigwater/Predator Owners:

Most of the examples given below apply to the 120/106 when talking about overhang at the front of the rail. Your rail space is confined so you will need to measure and double check the space you have.

3 or Fewer Holes

If you have 3 or fewer holes in front of the seat mount you can fit 1 or two units. With 3 holes, a 2 unit tray will fit without much overhang.

If you have 2 holes showing, you can fit a 2 unit tray but it will hang over the end of the rail a little but will be fine.

If you only have 1 hole showing you are pretty much limited to 1 unit.

4 Holes Showing

With 4 holes showing you can fit a 3 unit tray. It will overhang the rail a little but shouldn't overhang the side pocket.

5 Holes Showing

With 5 holes showing, you can easily fit a 3 unit tray without overhang off the seat rail. You can also fit a 4 unit tray though it will overhang a good bit. It should still be plenty strong and stable though.

6 or More Holes Showing

With this much space, your options are endless. With a bit of overhang, you can easily fit 5 units. Also, with 6 holes showing, you will have 5 holes showing behind where the seat mounts and that will perfectly fit a 3 unit tray.