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Add-on T-Bolts for Rail Mount Accessories

Add-on T-Bolts for Rail Mount Accessories

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Sold in a set of 2 to be used with the rail  mount accessories in the store.

To be transparent, we can't get these any cheaper than you can. On top of that, we then have to charge a little more to cover our fees when we sell them, just to break even.  We offer these as a convenience to those that need them but didn't want to pass on these costs to every customer that purchases a rail mount product if those customers already had extra t-bolts.

In addition, we still cannot find t-bolts in a large enough quantity to be able to have enough to include in each order. We are still working to find a supplier in the common 1/4-20 thread pattern.

These ship free as an add-on to orders of other products. Orders only for t-bolts will require additional shipping costs.

You can also find them on Amazon if you search for YYST 1/4 Inch - 20 Threads Kayak Rail/Track Screws

Since many people already have extra t-bolts, these are offered as an add-on when needed for my rail mount accessories.

Sold as a pair for $4

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