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Shack Caddy - Ice Fishing Rod Stand with Optional Tool Caddy/Glow Cup

Shack Caddy - Ice Fishing Rod Stand with Optional Tool Caddy/Glow Cup

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Rod Stand Version

This ice fishing rod stand is a perfect way to have several rods at the ready in your hub, shack, ice castle or wherever you fish on the ice. You no longer have to dig into your rod case/bag or lay all of your rods out where they can be exposed to damage. Designed to break down into individual parts, it is very easy to transport. This rod stand can accommodate most ice fishing rods out there but rods with very small rod butts may have some issues.

Please make sure to tell us what colors you would like in the Custom Request box and we will reach out with any follow-up questions.

Holes for the rods are 30mm (1.18in) in diameter. If you need larger, please contact us.

The rod stand is available in 4 packages:

The Basic Rod Stand is just that, the simple stand to hold up to 6 of your ice rods. Perfect for keeping the rods organized and at the ready - $34

The DIY Glow Cup Stand comes ready to have LED lights added if you wish. Or, just use the cup to hold lures and tools - $50

The Full Glow Cup Stand comes with 5V Ultraviolet LEDs ready to go with a USB-A plug to use with your own battery pack. This version comes with a lid for the cup as some people may be bothered by the constant light. The lid has a hole in the center to allow you to drop in a lure if you choose. This option also give you the option to choose some of the translucent colors that I have such as the blue, orange, purple, green, red and gray shown in the photos - $64

The Deluxe Package is the cream of the crop. Coming with a fully loaded rod stand with a glow cup, it also includes a Plano 3700 open compartment case with inserts to hold all of the pieces in place for transportation. The Deluxe Package also includes the lid for the cup as well as an extra cup that fits in a large tool holder slot on either side. This cup is sized to hold Billy Rub scent paste but can also hold other lures. split shot, etc. This package also unlocks additional colors and full customization. If you want your name or a phrase on the front of the cup or the lid, just let me know what you want it to say - $98

Note: When using the glow cup option, you may lose the use of one of the rod spaces. Any other rods, reels, tools, lures, etc. shown in photos are not included with this product. Some photos may show prototypes and varying configurations. Please reach out to me with any questions.

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Recommended Assembly

While this is the recommended way to assemble the rod stand, feel free to mix and match parts to find what works best for you.

Center posts can be swapped to accommodate rods with shorter rod butts. For the best stability, keep the glow cup oriented over one of the legs.

If you have a lot of weight in/on the glow cup, it is recommended to keep it closer to the center of gravity, especially if you don’t have many rods in the stand.