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Stake-n-Stow Rail Mount for 7/8" Stake Out Poles - Read description to add-on t-bolts

Stake-n-Stow Rail Mount for 7/8" Stake Out Poles - Read description to add-on t-bolts

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Due to limited availability and added cost, T-bolts are not included with these items by default and are now available as an add-on item above. 

Note: The standard Stake-n-Stow is designed for use in calmer waters and it is not meant to be used in current, rough water or high winds.  We are working on a Heavy Duty version focused on use in more strenuous situations.

Proper usage: Make sure your stakeout pole is as vertical as possible and as close to your kayak as you can get it. When the pole is off to an angle, it acts as a pry bar and may break the Stake-n-Stow. Having the pole next to your kayak can help prevent the pole from applying excessive torque to the mount.

The Stake-n-Stow is designed to hold the typical stake out pole that is 7/8" in diameter. The hole for the pole is 5" from the mounting rail. The hole for the pole is .95" in diameter. If your stake out pole is a different size, please reach out to me as the clips may not function as well or the hole may be too small for your stake.

Please review the provided dimensions to make sure you have enough space on your accessory rail.  It is also important to measure the tip of your pole to verify that it will fit through the hole.  If you have any questions or need custom dimensions, please contact us.

If you have a pole with a different dimensions, we can size the clips to fit.  Please put that in the Custom Request box.

If you want different color combinations, please put that info in the Custom Request box.

Please specify your color choices. Send us a message with any special requests.

Includes:  The Stake-n-Stow comes with two knobs and 4 pole clips. T-bolts for mounting to the rail are not included by default and are available as an add-on. 

NOTE: This is not directly compatible with the Old Town Bigwater/Predator 132 accessory rail without modifying the rail by drilling a hole.

All other tools, lures, etc. in photos are not included.

Custom colors and other options are available.

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This Stake-n-Stow is simply AMAZING!
Perfect design than any other design that I've seen.
Brad does phenomenal work and stance behind his product.. Thankful to have an Anerican-made product that supersedes anything out there!

I'm glad this worked out so well and thanks for the great input!

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