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Universal Fishing Kayak Tool Holder

Universal Fishing Kayak Tool Holder

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Please Note: It is highly recommended to use the screws to secure the tool holder in place after using the adhesive tape to test fit placement.

If you are unsure about fit, cut out a piece of paper that is 8.5" x 1" and test fit on your kayak.

This Universal Tool Holder is made to fit just about any kayak that has a flat surface. The provided 3M tape is a great adhesive but in the elements it will likely need to be replaced at some point. For a more permanent solution, the tool holder has holes where it can be attached with screws.

This is designed to hold various sized tools for fishing kayaks. Please check the dimensions to make sure this will work for the tools you use. Tool holders will come with a strip of 3M VHB tape to adhere to the side of your kayak. Also includes two split rings that can be used as places to attach tool leashes and has an imbedded magnet in the center to hold hooks and smaller lures. Additional magnets available for holding larger lures and can be adhered on either side as well.

Tool Holders are 3D printed out of a rigid material that was chosen for strength, flexibility and temperature resistance.

Note: The Tool Holder comes with one imbedded magnet only. Additional magnets are available and can be "stuck" to the imbedded magnet or adhered to the outside via included double sided tape. This allows the external magnets to be removed should they start to rust.

All other tools, lures, etc. in photos is not included.

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